NP appointment (Goral)

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Nurse Practitioners are highly trained registered nurses that can offer comprehensive and effective healthcare services, by diagnosing and treating a series of common ailments.

Common reasons for a consultation:

- Diagnose and treat common infections and viruses: ears, eyes, throat, sinus, congestion, cough.

- Monitoring and testing for chronic conditions: hypertension, diabetes, thyroid, high cholesterol.

- Screening, testing and treatment for urinary tract infections (UTIs) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs/STDs).

- Testing and treatment for seasonal and other allergies.

- Medication renewals for ongoing treatments.

- Diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions.

- Blood & diagnostics testing.

- Referrals to specialists

- Suture removal.

These consultations are for one common issue or minor emergency. Appointments for more complex problems that require more time will be billed accordingly. Please contact us ahead of time in this case.

Our clinic is situated downtown Montreal, 3 minutes away from the Peel Metro Station.

Fast appointments. No annual fees. No referrals needed. 

For any additional questions, please call us at 438-300-7484. 

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