Consultation Gratuite

Consultation Gratuite

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Planifiez une consultation avec l'un de nos spécialistes du bien-être : discutez de vos objectifs de bien-être, apprenez-en plus sur la façon dont la thérapie vitaminique peut vous aider. Obtenez des recommandations personnalisées pour les traitements et les programmes.

What the pros are saying:

"It's a really different and unique experience unlike anything I have ever tried before. Vitamindrip® leaves you refreshed and energized for days. Who doesn’t want that in a bag!"

Chad Owens, Pro Football Player

"Vitamindrip® puts 100% of the nutrients directly and immediatley into my body to support the recovery process."

Ben Pakulski, Pro Bodybuilder

"Your body loses a lot of nutrients with every drop of sweat and it’s critical that you replace what you sweat out. Vitamindrip® helps me maintain the correct fluid and electrolyte balance to stay in the game".

Zenon Konopka, Pro Hockey Player

Works as hard as you do.

Our Athletic VitaminDrip® is designed for athletes of all levels and will resist the test of time, no matter how often you workout.